Friday, March 21, 2008

Mr. President

So recently we attended a Haverford event in the Presidio and got to meet the new president, Steve Emerson. He seemed like a nice guy — and apparently a sharp cookie. He's bringing his stem-cell lab to campus, making Haverford the first small college in America to have such a thing. (Hopefully they'll let alumni stop by if, say, they need to regrow an arm or something.)

There was a tense moment when Emerson (a Haverford alum himself) said that he was the second-worst lacrosse player in the history of the school. I starting to stand to say, "Never in all my years have I been so insulted..." but then he named the worst guy and it wasn't me. (Good thing, since they could have kissed goodbye my annual $25 alumni gift.)

Afterwards, they handed out a T-shirt with a photo montage of all the Haverford presidents (Emerson was in the middle). I've worn it a couple times now, but apparently someone thinks it's the "dorkiest shirt they've ever seen" and "not even cool to wear around the house."