Monday, January 21, 2008

BuboBlog Analysis! Is Frozen Yogurt Back?

I'm excited about anything involving cereal — as you know from my earlier posts about Cereality, the cereal fast-food place that, sadly, hasn't made it to the Yae Area. (I'm not sure this chain is doing so hot; they opened in 2004 and have swelled to three locations.)

Well, on Friday we were walking through the Fillmore district when we came across some place called Jubili. They had bins of cereal against the wall, so I thought maybe it was a Cereality-type place. But it turns out it's more like Pinkberry, a frozen-yogurt chain based in Los Angeles (we don't have any of those either).

It's funny — I've had a couple conversations lately where people have complained about the lack of frozen yogurt in S.F. I just thought it was because the fad died in the 1990s, but apparently there are still plenty of people out there getting their fro-yo on.

Unfortunately, we didn't have time to actually try Jubili. I just snapped a couple camera-phone shots and we were on our way. The reviews on Yelp seem pretty positive.

P.S.: One frozen-dessert chain that should *not* come to S.F. is Tasti D-Lite. What's up with that place? Their stuff tastes like ass.