Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BuboBlog Watches Television Advertisements

  • What's with the ads from, where people talk about how they were rejected from I know the subtext here: eHarmony doesn't allow gays on its site, so I think the ads are supposed to hint at that fact, saying in essence, "Hey there gays, come be on our site." But since the ads aren't explicit, and most of the people featured in the spots don't appear gay, you just get the feeling that is for total rejects. And I feel like even people who are rejects don't want to feel like they have to date other rejects. I predict these ads are not successful.

  • I saw a PETA public-service announcement about how I need to give pets more attention. What gives? It's bad enough I have to not eat or wear animals -- now I have to keep them company too?! PETA has gone too far.

  • UPDATE: Apparently there is a version of the ad where the person says they are gay. But I haven't seen it on TV, just on the Web. Maybe they were concerned this ad wouldn't play well in the San Francisco market.