Sunday, December 09, 2007

CSI: Bubble Lounge

Last night we went to a friend's birthday party at a champagne bar/nightclub called the Bubble Lounge.

The DJ was playing some pretty cool tunes (mostly hip-hop), so a group of us went out onto the dance floor. The dance area is in the basement of the club -- in a low-ceilinged, cavernous room -- so it started to feel a little claustrophobic as the dance floor filled up.

Then, something weird happened. The room filled with a terrible smell -- like rotten eggs. I looked down and saw this plastic thing on the ground, which turned out to be a stink bomb. Apparently someone had thrown it on the floor to create mischief.

What's funny is, I'd always heard of stink bombs but never actually seen one in action. Stink bombs were just one of those things that I'd read about and had to take on faith that really existed (like a sextant or opium). It seems odd that I would be 34 years old at a trendy nightclub before experiencing a real stink bomb.

Suffice to say, the stink bomb was not da bomb -- at least when it came to promoting dancing. People cleared off the floor, and the club's staff appeared with flashlights to investigate.

Kelly, not possessing a sense of smell, was able to lead the men to the ruptured bomb without any discomfort on her part. It made me think that she might have a promising career in waste management.

I'm not sure if they ever caught the perpetrator, so you just have to wonder who would do that. A rival of the DJ who wanted to interrupt his crazy dope rhythms? Or maybe a guy who saw his lady cozying up with another fellow on the dance floor? Of course, there would have to be malice aforethought because who brings a stink bomb to a club?

Actually, maybe if others settled their nightclub disputes like this, there would be a lot less shooting. I suspect the rapper Shyne would not be in jail right now if he had just thrown a stink bomb to protect P. Diddy at that club in New York.