Thursday, November 08, 2007

More 'Fissure' Info

"Fissure" is going to have a screening in Dallas on Nov. 15 at the Inwood Theater. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go. But if anyone's in the area, check it out (I know that Dallas is a hotbed of BuboBlog readers).

After that, the movie will go on the festival circuit. The director is aiming pretty high, entering it in all the big festivals (Sundance, Cannes, etc.). They're also taking the film to the American Film Market conference this week to find a distributor. The goal is to get it to a theater near you.

With this kind of movie, though, I would say the best-case scenario is that it gets on Netflix someday. I mean, it's a low-budget picture and doesn't really have the avant-guard qualities that would win over the art-house crowd. I'm hoping it at least makes it into a cool film festival (like Santa Barbara), so I can have a reason to go.

There's also a new trailer on the "Fissure" Web site.