Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who's the Densest?

I'm fond of telling people that San Francisco is the most densely populated city in the United States after New York.

Well, it's not exactly true. There are a few smaller cities (bordering larger ones) that are denser — Guttenberg, N.J., Somerville, Mass., West Hollywood, etc. I learned all this on a cool Wikipedia page listing cities by population density. Check it out.

It is fair to say that Ess Eff is No. 2 after New York among large cities in density. So I'm going to keep feeding people the same line. Don't try and stop me.

It's interesting to look at how crazy-dense Paris is. People around here are always whining about how we need more open space. I say we need less open space — someone will just use it to defecate on the grass. And look at Paris (pictured below). Aside from a few areas, they hardly have any open space, and people love it! Maybe I will start attending city planning meetings demanding that San Francisco be more like Paris and then when I lure people to my side, I'll reveal the truth by showing them this Wikipedia page. Bwahahahaha.