Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tha Block Is Hot

You may have seen a story recently about how San Jose is the richest city in the U.S. This confused me because, why would a rich person agree to live in San Jose? (Or a poor person for that matter.)

Well, a new study gets even more specific and determines the richest city blocks in the U.S. (I thought the article was going to rank the blocks, but actually they just list one block for each major city.)

For Ess Eff, the richest block is:
...where Broadway runs into the Presidio, between Vallejo, Lyon and Broderick. The role call [sic] of residents that includes Gordon Getty, Larry Ellison and Peter Sperlings. Care to buy in? 2845 Broadway is listed for $65 million and 2901 Broadway asks $55 million.

I wonder how our block fared. I mean, I see plenty of people in our neighborhood paying for groceries with $100 bills. And they seem to have a lot of leisure time. I'm sure we were a close second.