Sunday, September 30, 2007

Latest Chuman News

Check out this story, courtesy of BuboBlog Correspondent Bill. It asks the question: "Would you be willing to be one-half chimpanzee to avoid disease?"

Um, heck yeah. I would be one-half chimpanzee just for kicks!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

'Bionic Woman'

Did anyone watch the premiere of the new "Bionic Woman" show? We saw it last night and thought it was OK -- maybe a little hokey in parts. It at least was nice to see some of the cast members of "Battlestar Galactica" show up.

But, what the hey: It's supposed to be set in San Francisco. This has to be the most half-assed job of trying to portray San Francisco I've ever seen. Usually shows at least shoot a few exteriors before heading up to Canada for the rest. With "Bionic Woman," nothing looked like any San Francisco I know: the trees, the buildings, the buses (definitely not Muni's!).

Hopefully the other new San Francisco-based sci-fi show: "Journeyman" will do a better job.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trani Shack

On the way to Maine we stopped in Boston and stayed a couple days with friends. Our last night there we were taken to a place called Trani.

Now, I was a bit confused at first when our friend said he was taking us to a place called Trani's. Mainly because I thought he was saying "trannies" and figured he was talking about these. We have lots of those in San Francisco, so I didn't see the need of going to Boston to get it!

Anyway, it turns out Trani is some dessert place with an Italian name — it's in Boston's North End, which is their version of North Beach (clearly a knockoff), i.e., Little Italy.

And hello, Trani is awesome. Their whole deal is they take a cupcake or a brownie or a cannoli, and then they inject soft-serve ice cream into the middle of it. Like, all up in its business.

And then — wait for it — they pour some kind of Magic Shell-like substance all over that shiznit. Awesome!

So now I'm counting the days until we can get some Trani's in San Francisco. I never thought I would utter that sentence!

UPDATE: Apparently this place is now closed. Go figure!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Back

Doesn't look like too much happened while I was gone. Ed Jew is still in office somehow, so the potentially offensive headlines continue: "Newsom Calls on Jew to Resign."

Apparently there was a shooting death just four blocks from our place. That's scary, but I take solace in the extreme incompetence of the murderer.

Apparently he used this as his getaway car (a limo painted as a racecar):

Yeah, so...they caught the guy.

Friday, September 14, 2007

On Break

Loyal readers: I'll be taking advantage of BuboBlog's generous vacation policies by going on a trip to Maine for the next week.

Catch you later in the month!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BuboBlog Apologizes

It's been determined that recent blog entries were too risque and not the kind of family-friendly material normally produced by BuboBlog Enterprises LLC (soon to be a subsidiary of News Corp.).

In reparation, a picture of a baby seal:

Tower Envy

This week a panel of judges chose the design for the new tower atop the Transbay Terminal. The structure is supposed to be as tall as the Empire State Building, so it's a pretty big deal for San Francisco.

I'm embarrassed to admit that the one they chose was my favorite. I say embarrassed because critics are calling the choice "predictable," "boring" and "conservative."

Apparently the "cool" choice was this one from Skidmore Owings & Merrill.

Yesterday I heard an additional criticism of the chosen design: that it looks like an "uncircumcised penis."

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Beard Fever Is Back!!

I may have prematurely declared the end of beard fever. Not because I've regrown my beard (though I probably should do that), but because a Yae Area man won the World Beard and Mustache Championships in Brighton, England, on Saturday.

As you can see from the photo, wow. That's something. And the guy is only 23.

I have been shamed.

Tha Block Is Hot

You may have seen a story recently about how San Jose is the richest city in the U.S. This confused me because, why would a rich person agree to live in San Jose? (Or a poor person for that matter.)

Well, a new study gets even more specific and determines the richest city blocks in the U.S. (I thought the article was going to rank the blocks, but actually they just list one block for each major city.)

For Ess Eff, the richest block is:
...where Broadway runs into the Presidio, between Vallejo, Lyon and Broderick. The role call [sic] of residents that includes Gordon Getty, Larry Ellison and Peter Sperlings. Care to buy in? 2845 Broadway is listed for $65 million and 2901 Broadway asks $55 million.

I wonder how our block fared. I mean, I see plenty of people in our neighborhood paying for groceries with $100 bills. And they seem to have a lot of leisure time. I'm sure we were a close second.

Monday, September 03, 2007

To Jollibee or not to Jollibee

Is anyone else confused by the Jollibee restaurant on 4th and Howard?

The Jollibee restaurant chain (basically, the Filipino equivalent of McDonalds) first expanded into the Bay Area in the 1990s, opening a location in Daly City. The Daly City location was super-popular, so they opened another outlet in San Francisco at 4th and Howard.

I don't think it did very well because then it closed. The spot became a Cha-Am Express. As far as I could tell, the Cha-Am did better business.

But now, lo, the Cha-Am is closed. And the Jollibee is going to reopen -- in the same spot. What the F?

By the way, I like this comment on the Jollibee Web site:
Jollibee is on all parts of the world. There is a Jollibee store ready to serve you wherever you are.

Well, there you go.