Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who You Calling Crazy?

After a few years living in my neighborhood, I've seen a lot of crazy people. But yesterday *I* became the crazy one!

Kelly and I were waiting for the bus to come at 7th and Folsom. It was really windy and I was carrying some papers. A gust of wind suddenly carried off the papers and blew them clear across the intersection.

I bolted into action to retrieve the papers. But there were so many of them, all going in different directions, and every time I got to one, it would fly off. So I ran all over the street, dodging traffic, trying to pick them up. I may have been shrieking occasionally too. It was like chasing a chicken.

Meanwhile, the bus arrives, so Kelly starts yelling at me to come get on the bus. Other people starting yelling at me too, like: "What's wrong with you??" And: "Don't make your friend ride the bus alone!!" (I didn't realize this was a particularly egregious crime, but apparently it is.)

Finally, I gathered up the last piece of paper, narrowly avoiding being run down by a speeding car, and I got on the bus -- just in time. Um, it was totally worth it.