Sunday, July 29, 2007

San Francisco Movies

I came across this cool list of all the movies shot in San Francisco. Unfortunately, it only goes until partway through 2004.

It's funny how some movies set in New York ("Serendipity," "Down to You") were shot here. I mean, it's not like it's cheap to film here, right? Why not Vancouver? I seem to recall that "Rent" also was shot here, though that was after 2004 so it's not on the list.

And where's "Goonies"?! Wasn't that shot in the Yae somewhere?

Who You Calling Crazy?

After a few years living in my neighborhood, I've seen a lot of crazy people. But yesterday *I* became the crazy one!

Kelly and I were waiting for the bus to come at 7th and Folsom. It was really windy and I was carrying some papers. A gust of wind suddenly carried off the papers and blew them clear across the intersection.

I bolted into action to retrieve the papers. But there were so many of them, all going in different directions, and every time I got to one, it would fly off. So I ran all over the street, dodging traffic, trying to pick them up. I may have been shrieking occasionally too. It was like chasing a chicken.

Meanwhile, the bus arrives, so Kelly starts yelling at me to come get on the bus. Other people starting yelling at me too, like: "What's wrong with you??" And: "Don't make your friend ride the bus alone!!" (I didn't realize this was a particularly egregious crime, but apparently it is.)

Finally, I gathered up the last piece of paper, narrowly avoiding being run down by a speeding car, and I got on the bus -- just in time. Um, it was totally worth it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cool Photo

Check out this panoramic shot of the San Francisco waterfront in 1971.

It's pretty crazy to see the double-decker Embarcadero freeway. And note that the Transamerica Building was still under construction.

I have to say, as much as people may complain about the aesthetics of some of the high-rises going up today, today's South of Market area is a vast improvement.

Eat My Dust, Jesus

Well, I made it to 34 years, which is one better than the man upstairs.

We celebrated this morning by eating brunch at the Palace Hotel. Sweet! It was all-you-can buffet, and I had a ton of duck pate. And I didn't feel guilty at all, since I was stuffing my own gullet at least as bad as this. [That's called practicing what you preach. -Jesus (guest editor)].

You'll notice from the picture that I've grown a beard. That's another hat-tip to J.C.... or maybe just this guy.

(Kelly sent this photo using her iPhone! You know who didn't have an iPhone? Jesus.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All-Star Game: Eyewitness Reporting from Outside the Fence

The Major League all-star game was held tonight in San Francisco. So when I went out for a jog, I figured I'd go down to the park and check things out.

The neighborhood was pretty crazy. They laid down red carpet along a stretch of King Street, and, man, I have never seen so many tour buses in my life. I guess there was one for every team, because there were around 30 lined up on King -- all the way between the park and our old apartment building.

I was surprised to see AT&T Park's free viewing area was still open. But it was much more crowded than usual, with long lines to get in. And people had to go through a metal detector -- but hey, it was still free.

I guess I'm still a little bitter that my "hot tip" to the Chronicle gossip columnist about the all-star game did not run in the paper. I noticed that all the posters around the city said the game started at 5 p.m. PST, when -- hello -- we're in daylight-saving time. It should have said 5 p.m. PDT. I posited that there would be pandemonium as all the fans showed up an hour early.

Anyway, she didn't think this was newsworthy. Damn her!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kelly has an iPhone!

Kelly brought home an iPhone that she's testing for work. It's pretty cool. The touch screen works really well (though it does get a bit smudgey), and the YouTube videos look great on it.

I waited until Kelly left the room and then (hopefully) became the first person to use the iPhone to take a picture of their butt. Unfortunately, Kelly caught me in the act and deleted the picture before I could turn it into her wallpaper.