Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ed Jew Update

Well, it looks like San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew is in serious trouble. He was arrested today on charges that he falsified documents and committed perjury. I've been trying to track down the latest news.

Since I don't have time to read anything but headlines, this is all I've managed to piece together:

1. SF City Attorney Needs More Proof From Jew

Seems reasonable.

2. Jew: No intent to resign despite FBI probe

Glad he's standing his ground.

3. Jew leaves US for China amid Federal allegations

Uh-oh, he's skipped town.

4. Michael Chabon writes a new chapter for the Wandering Jew

Hopefully Chabon can track him down.

5. Boycott? A Jew-hunt won't help the Palestinians

I agree. I'm not sure what hunting Supervisor Jew has to do with the Palestinians.

6. French immigrant Jew held for slitting throat of Arab cabbie

What?! He must have gotten really desperate!! And when did he immigrate to France?

7. Harris files criminal charges against Jew, warrant issued

I should hope so!