Saturday, May 19, 2007


Holy crap, I don't know how I missed this story until now. Apparently Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are working on a Tintin trilogy -- with Spielberg and Jackson directing at least one of the films each.

Now, Spielberg has had the rights to Herge's works for some time -- and I've heard rumblings on this topic before -- but it finally seems like it's on the fast track. They're using "full digital 3-D using performance capture technology," which I think means it's going to look like that "Final Fantasy" movie.

"Herge's characters have been reborn as living beings, expressing emotion and a soul which goes far beyond anything we've seen to date with computer animated characters," Spielberg said. "We want Tintin's adventures to have the reality of a live-action film, and yet Peter and I felt that shooting them in a traditional live-action format would simply not honor the distinctive look of the characters and world that Herge created."

I used to stay up all night reading the Tintin books in order over and over again (well, except "Seven Crystal Balls" -- that could only be read during the day due to its extreme scariness).

It says they have the stories picked out already, but the article doesn't say which ones. I'm assuming we can rule out "Tintin in Congo," due to its offensive racial caricatures.

But it's weird that they're doing a trilogy, since none of the stories are written that way. He did several two-parters, but no trilogies. Oh well, I'm sure they know what they're doing.

UPDATE: The New York Times has a story on 3-D filmmaking that mentions the Tintin project. The story also says Tintin is "red-haired." Um, wasn't he blond?