Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bay One-Acts Festival

The San Francisco debut of my play is coming Thursday, and I'm pretty excited. But since I haven't seen any rehearsals or anything, it's anyone's guess how it will turn out.

We went to the first week of the Bay One-Acts Festival (my play is being performed as part of the third week), and I have to say that I agree with this (mostly negative) review by KQED.

Monday, February 26, 2007

On the Set

So I'm back from the "Fissure" set in Texas. We had a really fun time. We hung out in director's chairs, watched monitors, got in the way of the crew, ate craft services -- everything I've always dreamed of doing on a movie set. Best of all: I got to give my "notes" to the actors during rehearsals. (A "note" is Hollywoodspeak for when you say somebody should do something differently. For instance, "Please gay it up a bit.") I also got interviewed on camera for a behind-the-scenes featurette.

The lead actor, James Macdonald, was a super-nice guy. And such a pro. He would do push-ups between takes to maintain his intensity level.

Kelly took a bunch of pictures, so I'll blog more once I have those ready...

Good News

According to this online quiz, I'm not a complete asshole.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Very Special 'How I Met Your Mother'

So I was watching tonight's episode of "How I Met Your Mother" (what? It's funny), and it tackled a painfully close-to-home topic: forcing friends to come see your play. The message was that it's generally a bad idea (since the play may last three hours or involve a robot that falls in love).

I recently asked most people I know to come see my play. And like the Lilly character, I have a big stack of flyers ready to hand out (does anyone want one, because I really have lots).

I guess it's a little late to disinvite you all. But I do give anyone who attends the show permission to slap me afterwards.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I'm glad to see In Touch Weekly is wising up to the true nature of Anna Nicole Smith's death. But nowhere in this article is there anything about Quaker Ninjas. What an embarrassing oversight!

The Compact: Day 18

Okay, so we're more than halfway done with our pledge to not buy anything new for the month of February. So far, so good, but we've already racked up three potential violations!

First there was the aforementioned bowling incident. Then on Valentine's Day, I bought Kelly flowers. These seemed OK, since they're a renewable resource. But check out this story about how far flowers have to be flown to reach consumers in Britain. (You can only imagine how much worse it is for us, since we're even farther!)

Finally, we were at Trader Joe's yesterday, doing a little shopping. When it came to checkout time, we didn't have our own bags, so Kelly thought it might be a good idea to buy some of the Trader Joe's reusable tote bags. That's fine and good, I thought, but the bags are clearly a new item (that isn't food or underwear) and we're paying money for it. Anyway, we bought the bags, since I figured this was one of those pennyfoolish-poundwise kind of things. But really I probably should have gone out front of the market and fashioned bags out of a yak's testicles.

More 'Fissure'

They posted some shots on the Fissure Web site of their exterior shooting. It's heartening that there appears to be real film equipment involved and not just someone's camera phone attached to a lawn mower.

Also, it looks like there's now a "weapons master" on crew! I'm not exactly sure what that is, but he had better have brought nunchucks.

I also found a direct link to that Dallas news story. Here it is.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

'Fissure' Update: Action!

Today was the first day of filming on the set of "Fissure," and according to the director it went very well. Apparently a TV-news crew even came out to interview him. (weird...)

The lead actor in the movie is a guy named James Macdonald. I hadn't heard of him, but as you can see from his IMDB page, he's guest-starred in pretty much every TV show ever. He also was in last year's movie, "Home of the Brave," which hopefully means he's cool with 50 Cent.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Hey, so I just found the TV-news story! Click over to this site and then be sure to click on the little picture under "Videos" in the sidebar, which takes you to the actual story that aired on TV.

The story is about how the Dallas area is trying to attract film production (apparently "Prison Break" is also shot there, but not much else). Anyway, not only does the reporter mention "Fissure," he uses it as his anecdotal lead! (Does that term apply to broadcast journalism?) You get to see a little bit of James Macdonald in action -- for me, he evokes a young Bruce Willis. And if you watch closely, there's a shot of the actual script (can I consider that a personal shout-out to me?).

Best of all, the reporter totally pimps the movie at the end of the story: "For more information on the movie 'Fissure'...".

I'm also intrigued by this "secret list of local police" teaser at the end, but that's not really related to this at all.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 10 of The Compact: A Possible Violation?

As you know, we're trying to go the entire month of February without buying anything new. I thought we were doing pretty well, but yesterday we may have accidentally slipped up.

We went bowling with some friends, and since we don't own our own bowling shoes (unlike some people, who I won't name), we had to rent them. Well, when you rent shoes at this place they also give you socks. When I tried to return the shoes and socks at the end of the night, the guy only wanted the shoes ("The socks are a souvenir," he said.) That seemed nice enough, but then later I thought, "Egad, I've inadvertently paid money for socks!"

Hopefully the Compact police won't come after me.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

You Don't F*** with Quakers

Between 1976 and 1995, J. Howard Marshall promised Haverford millions of dollars -- possibly as much as $50 million. But he was slow in paying up. By 1995, he had handed over less than $2 million.

  • In 1995, Marshall is killed dies. But Haverford is prevented from getting its money due to an inheritance dispute between Marshall's wife, Anna Nicole Smith, and Marshall's son, Pierce.

  • In June 2006, Pierce is killed dies, after contracting an "infection."

  • In September 2006, Anna Nicole's heir Daniel is killed dies mysteriously from a drug overdose.

  • In February 2007, Anna Nicole is killed under murky circumstances.

    Draw your own conclusions.
  • Monday, February 05, 2007

    MOViN 99.7

    Is anyone else digging the new radio station MOViN 99.7? It's a cheesy high-energy party station, kind of like a less-gay version of Energy 92.7 [When is it ever better to be less gay? -ed.] It wouldn't really rise above your typical Top 40-type station if it weren't for them playing lots of bad dance music from when I was in high school and college.

    Tell me, outside of a strip club, where else are you going to hear "I Like to Move It" by Reel 2 Reel or "Pony" by Ginuwine? And frankly, friend, if only people in strip clubs are allowed to enjoy "Pony," then what have we become as a society?

    Oddly enough, whenever I tune our bathroom radio to MOViN 99.7, it mysteriously changes to a different station after I leave the room. I suspect Kelly may have a hand in this, but I won't know until my sting operation is complete.

    Neighborhoods: San Francisco vs. New York

    You've probably already seen this site that gives the New York equivalent for each San Francisco neighborhood. Kind of amusing, and a few are very apt (Pacific Heights=Upper East Site, and Princeton=Stanford). But after recently visiting my brother in Park Slope, I didn't feel like I was in Russian Hill. Not even a little.

    San Francisco ===> New York
    Financial District ===>Midtown
    North Beach ===>Little Italy
    Chinatown ===>Chinatown
    Union Square ===>SoHo
    Soma ===>Tribeca
    Potrero ===>Brooklyn Heights
    Dogpatch ===>Red Hook
    Civic Center ===>Civic Center
    Hayes Valley ===>Chelsea
    Western Addition ===>Carroll Gardens
    Pacific Heights ===>Upper East Side
    Noe Valley ===>Upper West Side
    Marina ===>Murray Hill
    HaightAshbury ===>East Village
    Castro ===>West Village
    Mission ===>Williamsburg
    Lower Haight ===>Lower East Side
    Russian Hill ===>Park Slope
    Fisherman’s Wharf ===>South St. Seaport
    Treasure Island ===>Roosevelt Island
    Sunset ===>Brooklyn
    The Richmond ===>Queens
    Berkeley ===>Morningside Heights
    Golden Gate Park ===>Central Park
    Tenderloin ===>Wherever Giuliani put it
    Stanford ===>Princeton
    Marin ===>Westchester

    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    'Fissure' Update

    As I mentioned last July, a small production company in Texas optioned one of my film scripts, "Fissure." At the time, I wasn't sure anything would happen with it. But now things seem to be moving into production.

    As you can see from their Web site, the crew is mainly in place and they've begun to select the cast. There's even an IMDB entry! (though I'm not listed on there yet).

    Check out who's been cast as the "Hudson" character. It's the guy who played Maurice on "Northern Exposure"!

    It's going to be filming in Dallas, so Kelly and I arranged to take a trip down there later this month. I'd like to have a walk-on part as a pizza-delivery guy or something, but I didn't have the foresight to write in that role.

    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    My Underwear Gets Its Revenge!

    I must have angered the undergarment gods with my pledge to not buy any new underwear this month.

    Yesterday as I was running to catch the Muni, the elastic waistband on my briefs spontaneously lost all elasticity. My underwear then slipped down inside my pants, making me very uncomfortable!

    Kelly made me throw away the underwear last night. If this keeps happening, I may have to renege on my promise!!