Thursday, October 26, 2006


How dare the Rent Control Board deny Parkmerced's appeal? Parkmerced is very appealing!! And should they really be passing judgment on its attractiveness like that?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vote for SAMEBODY part 2

Speaking of the neighborhood, it seems that our city supervisor, Chris Daly, could be headed for defeat in next month's election. He's not very popular in this household (Kelly usually emits an angry grrrr when his name comes up), so that's fine by me.

But I'm a little upset that Daly isn't losing to our friend VILIAM!

Cleaning Up

There's this new program in San Francisco called Community Corridor where they designate a part of the city and clean up the litter and graffiti. Oddly enough, the first neighborhood to be addressed: Irving Street. What the heck? That street's not even dirty!

Not once have I ever found a big pile of gay-male porn and erotica on Irving Street! They need to come down here.


It's not uncommon for us to find items dumped on our street, and occasionally you'll see something that's possibly useful (an old table, a piece of stereo equipment, etc.). So when I saw a pile of books and other materials lying on the ground the other day, I approached with interest.

I was with Kelly at the time, and we soon realized that we were staring at a pile of gay-male porn and erotica. "Look away! Look away!" Kelly shouted. But it was too late. I had already seen several disturbing pictures, along with a "novel" that I believe went by the title "Blow Buddies."

Since then, Kelly and I have hurried past the pile, and she has instructed me to avert my eyes. Fortunately, the pile appears to be disappearing quickly. Perhaps word has gotten out that the corner of Langton and Folsom is a good spot for free gay-male porn and erotica. From what I can tell, there's just one book left (it appears to be just text -- no pictures -- so I suppose it doesn't appeal to gay-male porn and erotica enthusiasts with short attention spans). We'll see how long it lasts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CSI: Looky-Loo Patrol

Saturday was quite a day for looky-looing. We were taking the N-Judah back from the Sunset, when the conductor informed us that we couldn't go past the Church Street station because there had been a "suicide." (I find Muni's honesty on this point refreshing, since I'm used to Caltrain just saying there's been a "trespass incident" every time someone tries to off themselves by jumping into the tracks.)

Anyway, we got out of the train and walked down to Market Street to try to catch a surface-level streetcar. On the way, we passed the ambulance that must have been holding the body of the deceased. Oddly enough, there was some lady trying to film the thing on a video camera -- even pointing it inside the ambulance (she wasn't doing this in any professional capacity; she was just a looky-looer that was clearly far above my looky-loo pay grade).

Meanwhile, the EMT guy was talking on his cell phone or radio or something and describing the suicide in graphic detail. Apparently the dead guy got dragged under the train, crushed into a ball, his skull cracked open like a melon, etc. Um, gross. I may try to gawk and rubberneck occasionally, but even I didn't need to hear all that.

So we hurried on our way and learned a valuable lesson: Sometimes looky-looing brings more than you bargained for!

Monday, October 16, 2006


I apologize for jinxing the state of Hawaii by claiming that its governor is a man.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dude looks like a lady (or the other way around)

Uh, I don't really have this on good authority or anything, but I'm pretty sure the governor of Hawaii used to be a man. Who's with me on this?

Friday, October 06, 2006

More Chuman Fun

Check out these Chuman-themed surgical masks! The Japanese are clearly getting a jump on us in the Chuman race.

(Thanks to BuboBlog correspondent Anh-Minh for the tip.)

Bush Whacking

Speaking of politics, did anyone make it to Justin Herman Plaza today for the big anti-Bush demonstration? I was excited to go because I heard they were going to have a gigantic Bush statue that they were going to put in "jail" for war crimes (hopefully after a fair trial). I didn't really care about the demonstration; I'm just excited about big statues. Anyway, I forgot to go down there, and I think the statue may be gone by tomorrow. I'm reading a recap of the protest in the Chron. I don't see any giant Bush statues (though there is a shot of a slightly larger-than-life dummy here). Lame.


My e-mail address has somehow been released to candidates running for Supervisor in District 6 (our district, which includes the Tenderloin and other squalid parts of San Francisco). I wasn't too enthusiastic about any of the candidates (even though our incumbent Chris Daly is kind of a putz) until I got this one the other day from some guy named Viliam Dugovic:
I live in the center of the Tenderloin. I see every day what you see.
I will learn your needs and priorities and correct all of the mistakes Daly has made in the district.
He was negligent of poor people, and negligent of crime. I will help the poor and remove restrictions from the police to help stop those who break the law.
Second, I will work with all the supervisors on transportation. It?s time we made the leep from 21 century to the 25 century.? There are lots of models to try, especially electric cars.
Now it.s very hard to get into the city and hard to get out. If we can find a solution to our transportation problem it will mean that big business
As well as small business
This wave of prosperity will bring new art forms,and people won?t have worry about health care. We?ll have universal health care .
SAMEBODY whose job is to oversee and guide the work or activities of a group of other people?? Letter

I'm not clear how the electric cars will lead to universal health care, but I'm excited to find out!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monkeying Around

I was very excited about the cover story in this week's Time magazine, because I mistakenly thought it would be all about chumans. Turned out to be a disappointing read (and long -- I read the whole thing, so you don't have to). It does discuss the idea of humans and chimps having sex, but only millions of years ago. In a shameful omission, it doesn't discuss the present-day movement toward chuman breeding.


I was going to blog about this fire that happened a couple blocks from our house today. But when we walked by there just now (on official LookyLoo Patrol), it didn't look too bad. The fire was out, and the building didn't even seem that damaged.