Monday, July 31, 2006

Philly Steak vs. Italian Beef

We definitely ate well in The Chi. We had deep-dish pizza (twice in two days!), ate at a swanky steak house named Gibson's, and I finally got to try an Italian beef sandwich.

As you may know (and if you don't know, you better ax somebody), the Italian beef sandwich is Chicago's answer to the Philly cheesesteak. One notable difference: the Italian beef sandwich lacks cheese whiz.

For this reason, I was prejudiced against the Italian beef from the start (surely they have cheese whiz in Chicago; why not throw some on there). However, I can now say -- it's pretty good. The beef is seasoned with garlic and other spices, and it's really delicious on its own. They also give you peppers and a dipping sauce (kind of like a French dip). A Philly steak, on the other hand, wouldn't be so delicious without the cheese.

So I'm compelled to give it a "thumbs-up" (that's Chicago-speak for something being good) -- even if the Philly steak will always have a special place in my heart (or at least my arteries).

Back from The Chi

I'm back from Chicago, where I got to see my play performed a couple times. Everyone was very nice, and I was impressed with the production values -- the staging, costumes, etc. It really was cool to see my words come to life like that. The downside was, they could probably promote the production a bit more. The second night we went, well, let's just say they weren't playing to a full house. It's a five-week run, so hopefully they'll build up some buzz.

On another note: I've been waiting until this seemed a little more final before I discussed it, but a production company in Texas looks to produce my latest film script, "Fissure." They're still trying to raise funds, but the goal is to begin shooting as soon as September. It would be a low-budget film (I wrote the script with that in mind -- it's all set in one house with only a few characters). Here's the Web site.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'm off to Chicago tomorrow to see the premier of my play. I really have no idea what to expect, but it should be exciting. And hopefully no one will throw anything at me in disgust (well, anything hard...or rotten).

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Head On

I keep trying to get Kelly to try this Head On product, since she sometimes gets headaches (no, I am not the root cause).

So I was excited to see that Slate had a review of the product. But it turns out it's just a review of the ad for the product. Oh well. Has anyone tried this? Is it just for the forehead or can I apply it to other problem areas?

Say What?

I happen to think the SF CITYSCAPE blog is da bomb, so I'm a little conflicted by the latest post. He thinks the city should kiss the 49ers goodbye (letting them move to Santa Clara) and then transform the Candlestick area into a real neighborhood.

Apparently there is a historic street grid, established as far back as 1873, for that area (which doesn't exist today, since it's basically just a stadium-parking lot complex).

I don't want the Niners to leave, but some of his suggestions are pretty cool. (Although I do think it's weird that he wants to name the streets and squares after Rice and Montana -- after sending the Niners packing.)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Nick Vs. Jesus

I turned 33 over the weekend, which means I’m now the same age Jesus was when he died.

It’s gotten me thinking, how do my accomplishments stack up against those of Our Lord? Let’s take a look:

Jesus’ Accomplishment
Turned water into wine

Nick’s Accomplishment
Invented frozen drinks: Monchichi and Crystal Lightning

Jesus’ Accomplishment
Saved adultress from stoning

Nick’s Accomplishment
Once gave a stripper $2

Jesus’ Accomplishment
Walked on water

Nick’s Accomplishment
Put Eddie Money’s “Walk on Water” on mixtape

Jesus’ Accomplishment

Nick’s Accomplishment
Hassled by Kelly for not folding laundry

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oops, They Did It Again

This morning a pedestrian was stuck by a Caltrain train — and lived!

I was on the train in question, and it was pretty wild. We came to a halt around San Mateo, and the conductor announced that there had been a trespass incident (trainspeak for "we just hit some bozo"). Everyone on the train sighed and called their respective offices — since these incidents often result in three-hour delays.

I was on the last car of the train and noticed a bunch of activity behind us. It turns out that the train had already passed the scene of the collision. We had to crane our necks to see what was happening (fortunately, I'm an accomplished looky-loo, as Kelly will attest). An ambulance showed up, and a crowd of day laborers gathered round to gawk.

The good news, the guy was OK. He only broke an arm. Apparently he was walking down the tracks listening to an iPod or something when the train struck him. The train conductor blared his horn but to no avail. I'm glad he survived, but this one definitely should be removed from the gene pool.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Test for TiVo

I'm still getting up to speed after my vacation. But holy crap, there was a "Tintin" documentary last night on PBS, and I missed it?!

Maybe TiVo automatically recorded this. If not, it doesn't know me at all!

UPDATE: Hmm...apparently the local PBS affiliate, KQED, didn't even air this program. They must think there's not sufficient Tintin love in the Yae Area (despite the fact that Tintin and Capt. Haddock are the original ambiguously gay duo).*

* Also in the running: Little Noddy and Big-Ears the brownie.


You've probably heard of these "flash mobs" -- groups of strangers that congregate at specific spots, prearranged online. Well, I got my first taste of one last night! [Uh, didn't this trend peak about three years ago? -ed.]

I was at the 7-Eleven on Market Street, enjoying a free Slurpee (blue-raspberry-lemonade) because it was free Slurpee day (held every July 11). Suddenly, at 7:11 p.m., a bunch of people emerged from the shadows and began pouring out beer on the ground in front of the store.

The idea was to commemorate the bar that used to be located in what's now the 7-Eleven. It was called the 711 Club, because the address is 711 Market St. (When the bar closed and it was first revealed that it would become a 7-11, the poetry of it all made several people's heads explode.)

Anyway, this flash mob -- as elucidated here -- arranged to meet at 7:11 p.m. on 7-11-06 at 711 Market St. at the 7-Eleven and former home of the 711 Club.

Now, I loved the 711 Club -- especially its subtle clown-themed artwork -- but I suddenly had a moral dilemma. Though I wanted to memorialize the bar by proverbially "pouring out a little liquor," I was not going to pour out a free beverage! So I just hung back and pretended to engross myself in the mechanics of my Slurpee straw.