Friday, May 13, 2005

Getting The Finger

It's nice that we finally know where the Wendy's finger came from. But I'm trying to imagine the conversation between Jaime Plascencia (the husband of the chili scammer Anna Ayala) and the friend who lent him the finger:

Man: Dude, I'm really bummed.
Plascencia: What's wrong?
Man: My finger got cut off at work today.
Plascencia: Serious??
Man: Yeah.
Plascencia: Oh man. That sucks.
Man: There was blood everywhere -- it was really terrible.
Plascencia: Wow, I can't even imagine.
Man: Yeah, I'm really upset about it.
Plascencia: Well, I'm here for you, man. Believe that.
Man: Thanks. I appreciate it.
Plascencia: Uh...say, did you keep the finger?