Friday, May 28, 2004

Off To Alaska

Well loyal readers, the blog will be on hiatus as I cruise up to Alaska for a week's vacation. Unlike Jason, I don't blog from odd places so you won't see any new postings until June 7. This will be hard on you, I know. I believe Styx put it best in saying, "Babe I'm leaving, I must be on my way, but somehow try to smile."

Restore Superman II

We all remember how cool the first two Superman movies were. But I'm shocked to discover that Superman II could have been even more kick-ass! Apparently they shot both these movies back to back (very cutting edge at the, of course, they do that all the time, e.g., the Matrix movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc.), but the producers fired director Richard Donner before they completed the second one. So he never got to put his vision to screen and there's a bunch of footage from that movie sitting in a vault somewhere, which -- at least according to Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) -- would make the film "far better than what was released."

So there's a campaign afoot to let Donner do a director's cut and restore the Superman II DVD to its original glory.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Best Craigslist Posting Ever!!


Poison Poll

Kelly hates those little online polls that often accompany news stories, since they're usually stupid and who cares what people think anyway. But I have to say, this one is truly awe-inspiring. (For the record, I responded "I'm crazy, I'd drink it for nothing.")

Interesting Factoid

While I'm on the subject of movies, did you know that "Shrek" was originally developed as a vehicle for the late Chris Farley? Apparently the story was going to be a bit different -- it was about a teenage ogre that didn't want to go into the family business. Hard to say if it would have worked, but it's sad we never got a chance to find out.

Fighting Quakers

Apparently my e-mail campaign has paid off. Adam Sandler is finally going to do a movie about Quakers. The picture, called "Fighting Quakers," is said to center on "an up and coming Philadelphia lawyer who, wanting to schmooze potential clients, joins 'The Fighting Quakers,' a storied National Guard unit that has devolved into a social club for the city's wealthy elite." The screenwriter, Brian Herlihy, has penned several other Sandler films, including "Billy Madison" and "Happy Gilmore" (Sandler's best work, in my opinion).

I wonder if the University of Pennsylvania (where both my brothers went to law school) will get a plug, since Fighting Quakers is at least the unofficial team name (I think officially it's just Quakers). When Haverford was naming its mascot back in 1994, one of the suggestions was "Bloodthirsty, Skull-Bashing Quakers," which sadly got shot down in favor of Black Squirrels.

Friday, May 14, 2004


Perhaps in response to the buzz created by my blog, the creator of "Clear Blue Water" has cut the hair of the long-haired Latino character, thereby eliminating the potential confusion that she's depicting a same-sex couple. The moral here: If you can barely draw, do not attempt long-haired men...unless you give them beards, or hairy chests.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Clear Blue Water

Has anyone been reading the new comic in the SF Chronicle, "Clear Blue Water"? I was willing to give it some slack the first week because I assumed it was about a lesbian couple and it was nice to see some diversity in the funny pages. But apparently that long-haired one is actually a man!! The Web site says he's supposed to be Latino, so I guess that scores some diversity points. But still... Basically we're dealing with something that is:
1. Not funny
2. Non-lesbian
3. Poorly drawn

I would rather they bring back "Family Circus." Right now there are no comics that feature touching grandpa-comes-back-from-the-dead strips.

My Mistake

It's been brought to my attention that the aforementioned spam was actually an e-mail from a concerned friend and that indeed "Everyone does think I'm fat."

Sorry for the confusion!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Genuine Article

Our TiVo has come a long way since its early days — when it was convinced we wanted to see 40 straight hours of "Moesha" [I'm more into Monica than Brandy -ed.]. Yesterday it recorded a totally awesome show unprompted on a network I've never even heard of. It's called "The Genuine Article," and it runs on the Fine Living network. Anyway, host Gordon Elliott [Gordon Elliott, you say?? Go on. -ed.] selects a different product category each episode and tells you how to look for quality.

Yesterday's episode was devoted to Scotch whisky, and it was quite informative! It explained how to tell the age of Scotch by putting it on your tongue. If it burns near the front of your tongue, the Scotch is younger. If it's older you should feel the burn back near your throat or down in your stomach. Mainly I'm excited that I have a classy reason to stick something in my mouth and shriek, "It's burns!"

Upcoming episodes will cover with such categories as billiards and game room accessories, adirondack furniture and treehouses [treehouses?? -ed.]. Perhaps I should launch a vigorous e-mail campaign to get them to do a show on rims.

Spam rules

Every now and then I get a spam that has just the right combination of subject header and sender name. I had one today that was particularly awesome. The subject line: "Everyone thinks you're fat." And the sender? "Mr. Pickle."